ARO P系列电阻焊机

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ARO, worldwide leader in the area of resistance welding has designed this range of

seam and butt welding.

With the benefit of the experience gained with the M and MOS ranges, the P series

integrates the latest technologies designed for resistance welding including Medium

Frequency technology for the most demanding users.

Using a single machine frame, 8 'High Performance' transformers (AC or MF), 8 different

programmable welding commands, a choice of 5 cylinders and 4 distinct pneumatic

regulators, and through its know-how ARO optimizes the modularity of its offer with these 4

families thanks to a choice of standard and optional items of equipment.

Each 'P 'series machine is fitted with a very complete basic set of equipment, such

- 400 V/50 Hz power supply as standard,

- electric pedal on PA, PE or

- bimanual control desk on PB and PF,

- Filter, regulator pressure gauge and purge valve assembly for the air circuit,

- Solenoid valve for controlling the pneumatic cylinder,

- 740 daN cylinder with unlubricated air at 6 bar, or

- 1380 daN two-stage cylinder with unlubricated air at 6 bar,

- Safety pressure switch,

- Thyristor variator and welding control

- Program selector,

- With/without current selector,

- Mains power supply switch,

- 1/4 turn valves for the water supply.